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"Every horse deserves proper dental care whether a world class athlete or a treasured back-yard friend."

About Northwest
Equine Dentistry

Northwest Equine Dentistry provides state-of-the-art equine dental care combined with red carpet client service for discriminating individual horse owners, professional trainers, small and large boarding/ training facilities. We have a program to fit your needs.

We are a comprehensive equine dental practice providing nearly every type of equine dental care from routine maintenance to advanced diagnostics and standing extractions. We have digital radiographic capabilities to handle almost any dental diagnostic need on site.

Inverview with Dr. Mary Delorey

Listen to my interview on KUOW's Weekday show from September 4, 2012. There is 6 min of local Seattle issues before Dr. Mary's segment and you can fast forward past the first few minutes if you wish.

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